Alexander technique is a holistic method of treating many problems including:
• Back problems and slipped discs
• Knee problems
• Neck problems
• Bad posture
• Headaches
• Muscular tensions
• Breathing problems
• Gruff throats
• Attention deficit

Alexander technique is a holistic therapy belonging to the family of alternative medicine. It treats the person as a whole. The technique teaches the proper use of the body in order to improve the functioning of both body and mind.
The technique can help with a variety of problems including back pains, slipped disks, neck pains, knee problems, bad posture, breathing problems, difficulty with concentration. The treatment is given in lessons during which the teacher works with his or her hands on the pupil. The teacher directs the pupil's body and teaches him or her to carry out daily activities in a balanced way guided by the rules giving directions. In the same way that a violinist tunes his violin before plays, the teacher "tunes" the pupil so that he or she can produce the "right notes" with his or her body.

Lessons are on a one to one basis. The teacher needs to be aware of the situation of the pupil and to work with him or her on the basis of his needs and not on the basis of some fixed rules.

The system is educational in its approach and stresses the need for a continual change of order in the movements of our body. It teaches balanced and right use of the body. Our functioning improves immediately producing a positive effect at all levels: back problems, neck problems, joints, breathing, tiredness, sore throats and much more.

Through his lengthy researches, Mathias Alexander discovered that the way we feel our body can be quite inaccurate. For example, he thought that his head was leaning forwards but when he studied himself in a mirror, he realized that he was actually leaning backwards! The mirror, our eyes and the teacher (the practitioner) act as our guide to our inaccurate perception of our own body.




About M. Alexander the discoverer of Alexander technique

Frederick Mathias Alexander, was the founder of the Alexander Technique . He was born in Australia in 1869 and died in 1955. In his youth, he was a Shakespearian actor. Disastrously, he lost the use of his voice. His doctors were unable to help him so he decided to take matters into his own hands. One of his doctors had noticed that when he performed on the stage, Alexander unconsciously contracted the soles of his feet, so he began to study his movements in the mirror. After 10 years of intensive study, he discovered that correct and balanced movements are dependent on the correct relationship between the neck, the head and the back. He found that there is an interrelationship between the various parts of the body and that the incorrect use of one part of the body results in the misuse of other parts of the body.

New! Craniosacral therapy - Craniosacral is the art of listening. It is based on mutual trust and empathy. The goal is to listen to processes occurring in the body, allowing it to heal and balance itself. The therapy takes place with the patient lying down and the therapist placing hands on central points on the body of the patient.

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