Raya Leighton worked in Israel for many years as a teacher of creative drama and also worked with educationally handicapped children. She also ran a pre-school kindergarten. As a result of serious neck problems including pains and hoarseness and total loss of voice she sought ways to treat her condition in conventional medicine by speech therapy but without success. The treatment created increased pressure on her neck and as a result she began to get pains in her lower back. During 5 years her voice was so affected that she had to miss work and even stop talking altogether. Raya was not prepared to accept her condition and began to look for other ways to treat her condition. After practicing Yoga, Karate and Bio-energy she found Alexander technique which taught her how to use her voice more efficiently. Her voice improved and the pains in her neck and back were relieved.

Since then and for more than 20 years Raya has been a practitioner of Alexander technique. She was trained in Israel by Samuel Nelken, the founder of the technique in Israel, and continued her post-graduate training both in Israel and in England. Raya continually develops her skills by working with leading exponents of the technique in Israel as well as by working with her patients and studying new developments.

In search of deepening her techniques Raya studied Zen Shiatsu at Maga School of Shiatsu Therapy in Jerusalem and received her diploma as a Professional Shiatsu Therapist. Since then she has been practicing as a therapist of both Shiatsu and also Alexander technique while deepening her knowledge, both practical and theoretical.

Raya is now teaching Sundays 14:00-20:00 in Tel Aviv. To schedule a meeting: 050-5922179


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